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“All coaching is coaching for change. ” (Benett & Bush 2014) 

Oliver strives to offer the most effective and efficient coaching for the needs of the client as presented. The client is at the very center of the process and maintains full control over the agenda. Clients are not presented with pre-conceptualized programs, but each coaching plan is custom-designed to meet the client’s specific needs and be responsive to the organizational context, thereby keeping within Einstein’s wisdom of making it “as simple as possible, but not simpler”.

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Dr. Oliver Wirth is an ICF and WABC certified coach, who brings to his coaching practice 25 years of experience of working in the Middle East in both advisory and senior leadership positions. Oliver is an active business leader serving as the MEEA CEO of a leading global sports brand for close to 18 years. Aside from his leadership role, Oliver offers coaching within the global organization and selectively accepts external coaching engagements.

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Dr. Oliver Wirth

Leadership & Executive Coach

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Email: ow@owirth.com
Tel:  +971 50 4088390


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