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Coaching for C-Suite, Senior Executives and their Teams in the Middle East and Africa

Focus Contexts

Oliver has extensive experience working with leaders and teams across various industries and sectors, and is specialized in helping them enhance their leadership skills, improve team dynamics, and drive organizational success. His  approach to coaching is collaborative and tailored to the unique needs of each individual or team.


Oliver has a particular focus on five areas that he believes are critical to sustainable business success: performance and development, which involves helping leaders, executives and business operators  identify and achieve their goals; sustainability and ESG, which involves supporting leaders through coaching in their sustainability journey and on how to embed sustainability into their business strategy; business transformation, which involves guiding leaders through the process of transforming their organizations to meet evolving market demands, competitive pressures, and emerging technologies; stakeholder management, which involves helping leaders build strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders; and high-quality collaboration, which involves facilitating effective communication and collaboration within teams. [read more]

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Moving People
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Performance & Development

Sustainability & ESG

Business Transformation

Stakeholder Management

High Quality Collaboration

Practice Areas

What else?

Keynote Speaker

Looking for a dynamic and engaging keynote speech for your upcoming event? Oliver loves to share his thoughts about leadership, team culture, purpose, passion & performance, corporate sustainability and related topics.  With an engaging and personable style, Oliver will captivate your audience, leaving them inspired, motivated, and ready to take action.

For booking enquiries click here.

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Workshop Facilitation

Do you need support in getting your teams aligned, in improving team climate, in reflecting on the way your teams are working and interacting with each other, or in designing your purpose, vision or mission statement, or in developing a culture deck for your organisation or team? Oliver is a skilled workshop facilitator who creates an environment where participants feel comfortable to explore new ideas and take actionable steps towards success. For booking enquiries click here.

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25+ Years of Leadership Experience

Trained Agile Coach

ICF Professional Certified Coach

Sustainability Management Expert

WABC Registered Corporate Coach

Middle East & Africa Insider

Leadership Strategist and Coach for C-Suite, Senior Executives and their Teams in the Middle East and Africa, Across Diverse Industries and Sectors

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