Given what we now know about the social brain, creating the right social environment in our places of work should be a top priority for anyone who wants to bring the best out of themselves and those around them.” (Liebermann 2013)


Helping organizations and leaders to create a high performing climate to foster the creation of high-quality collaboration. This program has proven especially successful with highly technical teams, yet is equally transferable to other contexts.

Inspired by Charlie Pellerin’s 4-D Systems approach (How Nasa Builds Teams) and adoptions thereof, the program explores the core factors required for a healthy social climate—a key ingredient required for high performance teamwork and collaboration. Oliver guides through the framework to look at the system in place, and the way individual interactions and context mutually shape each other within the system; to connect social climate factors to leadership styles, to social needs and motivators, and to behaviour in interactions. Teams will be introduced to a frame that offers a way to map the potent, yet invisible social forces that affect their behaviours, which in turn provides the possibility of monitoring and managing these forces.