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“Leaders, whatever their title, are key to the success of any organization or system. This is not because the leader has all the answers or all the control, but rather because the leader’s impact and influence on others will help determine the culture of the organization and the performance of the employees.” (Bennan 2011)

Supporting leaders to reflect on and optimize their leadership style. This program is for those who want to be the best leader they can be.  It is based on is the premise that the choice of a leadership style should be a strategic one and not a mere function of personality. Research suggests that the most effective leaders use a collection of distinct leadership styles, each applied at just the right time and in the right measure.

Oliver attributes his own leadership success within a diverse environment to his ability to develop and empower  extraordinary teams and individuals by “dancing in the moment” with them and being mindful and deliberate in his choice of leadership style in response thereto. The program will be delivered primarily from a coaching stance; enhanced with well measured doses of mentoring and training.

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