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“Good business coaching is so powerful that if it was a drug, it would be illegal.”  (Scoular 2011)

Coaching for business owners and other business operators seeking direct positive change in business performance. Clients are supported in creating, recognizing, analyzing and taking advantage of opportunities or, as the case may be, in resolving issues and stumbling blocks around areas of their business. Common themes and topics include aspects for improving top and bottom-line performance of a business in general as well as specific objectives such as designing or reviewing strategies, improving organization or identifying marketing needs. 

In business coaching, Oliver leverages his commercial experience of over 15 years as the MEEA CEO of a renowned global sports brand. He started as the brand’s first executive in the region and, together with a diligently composed team, built the business from the ground up, from a shell and core office, to one of the fastest growing sports brands in the region with a credible market share. Oliver has extensive experience in organizational management, change management and stakeholder management, notably in multicultural contexts, designing and executing market entry and market development strategies, sustainability management, brand building, wholesale and retail, distribution, franchise, sales force, cross border and operations management. Oliver applies this experience in an eclectic coaching approach and remains conscious that clients receive business coaching and not consulting.

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